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Indian Railways FAQ

Q1. How can I book a train ticket?
Booking of train tickets has become quite a lot less cumbrous these days. You can avail such services from agents or you can simply book your own tickets on the internet by visiting the website E-ticketing can be done anytime between 5 am to 11.30 pm as per ISD. Failing to execute this, you can always go to a railway station and reserve yourself a seat on any train. Approaching leading travel portals such as, and can also make the task much simpler for you.

Q2. Can booking of tickets be done in advance?
Yes, booking of train tickets starts 60 days prior to the scheduled date of travel.

Q3. How can I find out the reservation status of my ticket?
Reservation statuses have been clearly mentioned in the tickets. Confirmed tickets for all classes except for AC First class and First class will bear your coach as well as berth number. But, if your ticket is not confirmed and is in RAC/ Waitlisted status, then the same would be indicated on your ticket too. With the RAC ticket, you may board the train but sitting accommodation would be provided based purely on the number of available seats (when an allocated passenger fails to turn up).

Q4. In case of an unconfirmed ticket, how can I determine its current status?
You can visit the nearby Computerized Reservation Center and verify at the Enquiry counters.
You may dial 139 from your landline or mobile phone to confirm it from the Interactive Voice Response system.
Internet users can visit the link
For all of the above mentioned methods, the 10 digit PNR number is a must.

Q5. What is the Tatkal Reservation Scheme?
Tatkal Reservation Scheme is to comply with passenger’s urgent requirement of travel. The facility is available in every Mail/Express train for 3-AC, 2-AC, AC chair class and sleeper classes. Tatkal tickets can be booked only one day prior to the journey. The booking starts at 10 am.

Q6. Are train tickets subject to cancellation?
Yes, reserved tickets can always be cancelled from the IRCTC page by logging on to the cancellation section. There will be a suitable charge deduction that depends on the cancellation time.

Q7. Do I need an Identity Proof while traveling? What are the documents that will serve the purpose?
An identity proof is mandatory for traveling in a reserved class. Any of the following mentioned documents will suffice.
  • Voter ID card that has been issued by the Election Commission of India.
  • Pan card
  • Passport
  • Nationalized Bank Passbook
  • Credit cards
  • Driving License
  • Student Identity Card
  • Aadhaar or Unique Identification Card

Q8. Can existing reservations be rescheduled?
No, there is no provision for rescheduling of existing reservations. The only way out is to cancel them and then reserve fresh tickets for any other day of travel.

Q9. Is it possible to cancel a partial number of tickets that were reserved in bulk?
Yes, partial cancellation of tickets is possible. By logging on to the website and clicking on the Booked Tickets link, you can cancel any number of tickets by selecting those passengers.

Q10. Do the unconfirmed tickets get automatically cancelled or should they be done manually?
All unconfirmed tickets get cancelled automatically and the refunded amount is credited back to that account through which payment was initially made. But the RAC or partially confirmed tickes need to be manually cancelled.

Q11. How much extra money do I need to pay for e-tickets?
For sleeper(SL) and second sitting(2S) classes, IRCTC levies Rs.10 as service charges per e-ticket where as for all other classes, a service charge of Rs. 20 per e-ticket is imposed.

Q12. What is IRCTC mobile?
For booking of train tickets on your mobile, there is a unique secured transaction solution known as IRCTC mobile. The application has a user friendly and attractive interface for facilitating easy navigation so that passengers can book tickets from practically anywhere and at anytime.

Q13. What are the possible requirements for using IRCTC mobile?
You should be an IRCTC user.
Your smartphone should be java enabled.
There should be GPRS service activated.
You must possess a credit/cash card.
The IRCTC mobile service is not obtainable by CDMA mobile users.

Q14. What features associated to railway ticketing is available through IRCTC mobile?
The following features have made available through IRCTC mobile
  • Book tickets on your mobile phone.
  • View PNR Status of booked tickets.
  • View Ticket availability.
  • View Ticket fare.
  • View train details.
  • View train route.
  • Manage passenger list.

Q15. How can I determine the station code for a particular station?
There is a station code finder on “Fare Enquiry”, “Get Availability”, “Trains From/ To” and “Plan My Travel” pages. You have to enter the initial three letters of your station name and click on the search button to find a listing of matching stations with their codes.

Q16. What are the various concessions made available for passengers?
Concessions are only available for senior citizens through IRCTC. It is offered when a special request is made by clicking on the relevant button while filling out online reservation form. Other concessions for children underneath 12 years may be availed in Railway reservation offices at PRS counters. But for tatkal ticketing, no concessions of any kind are available.

Q17. Are bedrolls and catering facilities available for passengers in trains?
Yes, bedrolls and catering facilities are available in almost all trains. For passengers traveling in First Class AC, 2-tier and 3-tier AC, bedrolls are provided free of cost. Sleeper class passengers have to request for the same during time of booking for an extra fee of Rs 25. Pantry car facilities are provided in most of the important trains. Catering arrangements for passengers are made in trains that do not have such facilities.

Q18. Will there be any kind of compensation if I was made to travel in some lower class compartment as against what I had booked?
If such a case arises, you have to obtain a guard certificate from the train superintendent TTE which has to be sent to Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation at Tolstoy Marg in New Delhi-110001 along with the original ticket. After it has been validated at Refunds office of that station where train had originated, a refund is sanctioned and sent to IRCTC which is then credited to your bank account/ credit card. The entire process may take anywhere within 6 months.

Q19. Can boarding stations be changed?
Yes, for that you have visit the nearby railway station and make a request to concerned station master.

Q20. Can I carry pets with me on train?
Passengers are allowed to take pets with them provided they are traveling in First Class or Ac First Class. He/she has to reserve a four berth or a two berth compartment for his/her exclusive use. Other class passengers can book a Luggage/ Brake van for transferring their pets. They have to contact in the Parcel Office for the same purpose.

Q21. What is the scheme for up gradation?
Based on the availability of seats in higher classes after the preparation of chart, fully paying customers get upgraded to higher classes for filling in vacant seats and there is absolutely no need for paying any extra charge. Up gradation is done in only those trains that have sleeping accommodation.

Q22. What should I do if after chart preparation, my ticket is still in RAC and thus I do not wish to travel?
Cancellation of e-tickets should be done on Internet 4 hours prior to the scheduled train departure. After preparation of chart, no e-ticket cancellation is permitted. However, refunds for partially confirmed, confirmed and RAC e-tickets would be processed on the basis of TDR process. Customers may file TDR online for the refunds to be sanctioned and credited back to their accounts.

Q23. Are transit accommodations available at railway stations?
Yes, most of the important stations have non AC and AC dormitories and retiring rooms. Passengers with valid tickets can avail such services on payment of required charges. For checking availability of accommodation facilities and prescribed charges, you may approach the matron or station master.

Q24. Where should I go if have to report any complaints?
There is a well organized and well maintained Public Grievance Redressal Machinery of Indian Railways that acts promptly for taking action against any complaints that have been addressed. Complaint books for this purpose have been kept at parcel offices, refreshment rooms, reservation offices, pantry cars, town booking offices, out agencies and major goods sheds etc.

Q25. Where can one find Indrail Passes?
The Indrail Passes are made available for sale at railway reservation offices in majority of cities across India. General sales Agents across Bangladesh, Germany, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, South Africa, UK, UAE and numerous other countries also sell Indrail Passes.

Q26. What special facilities are provided for foreign tourists by Indian Railways?
There are numerous special facilities that have been earmarked for foreign tourists. Majority of trains have special quotas which may be availed by paying Pound Sterling or US Dollars. For planning their itineraries, reserving tickets or rendering any kind of assistance, special cells at major reservation centers have been set up for foreign tourists.

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